Women come a long way to find me!  They cross my threshold whisper secrets tIMG_2338hat have never been told.  They unveil their bodies & souls to me exposing  their  physical,mental, spiritual scars.   I love a woman’s soul!  I love  battered, scarred, the ripped open parts of a woman.  I know this sacred territory!   I have lived there too, so when She stands at my door, I say welcome, welcome home, you are not alone!  I know you:  you are the virgin that never got to be a virgin, you are the mother than never got to give birth, you are the old hag with so much wisdom but nobody wants to listen to  your heart’s song.   I know you, I know you!  Every fucking part of you is welcome in my heart & home!   I will bring you to sacred stones,  we will find our way together through the dark night of the soul & I promise you, I will be there when you emerge, looking into your eyes saying,,  I know you, I love you,  I welcome you home, I want to know the healing secrets of your soul.  The world needs your medicine to make Her  whole!  I am in awe of the beauty that I am allowed to witness by those that come to heal in the Sacred Circle of the Standing Stones!