Bone Woman lives in the Chrysalis Cave – She belongs to the dark – Her eyes turned inward a long long time!     She sees what know one else wants to see!  She speaks what one one else will say.  She dances over the pit of bones, singing chanting calling the soul home!   One full moon night, she slipped from the cave of the forgotten memories and slipped into my dreams.  She reached out with her boney hands and says come with me now, it is time!    We sail through the cracks in the ceiling and then these purple black velvety wings unfold from her spine and we are flying through the starry night.   She flys into the Crystal Cave and says, “The time is now!”  She says follow me!    We enter deeper deeper into the cave, my eyes now turned inward, seeing through the darkness.    We come to the end of a tunnel – I look around me – it is a cave filled with bones, millions, billions of bones – bones forgotten discarded thrown away – ancestors bones – I fall to the ground – I began to sing – I am singing over the bones, I began to dance, I am dancing over the bones, I began to keen, I am keening over the bones.  I reach out picking a femur, a skull, I beat the two together and then a butterfly flies from the eye socket, then another butterfly flies from the other eye socket, and then a million, billion butterflies are flying all around me all, around the bones, the ancestors are waking up, the ancestors are calling, the ancestors are singing,  the ancestors says you remembered you remembered.  Old man eternity sitting on a stone quietly, says,  “Little Daughter” you have returned, come let me whisper a secret in your ear, he leans forward,  I can feel his warm breath upon my cheek, he says,  You are Old Bone Woman now, the torch has been passed.  You will sing over the bones, you will bring the souls back home, you are Bone Woman of the Velvet Purple Butterfly Clan!