She slammed the door to the man in the moon!

His light was too bright for the dark mysteries penetrating her soul!

Unbearable was this unrelenting bright light of transcendence.

She wanted darkness, wet fecund, rotting earth, getting down & dirty351-800

Chewing on old bones she found hidden in the red mud!

She wanted to wrapped herself in the roots of ancient cypress trees, chanting howling

dUhbzGQcalling all the mad women, the witches that had been burned, locked away, because they simply wanted to make love to their own souls first.Ohio Insane Asylum, 1946.

They wanted to be free, free to listen to their spirit song on the wind, to dive down deep into the  green emerald waters of eternity

to return with more ancient beauty that they ever thought possible!


photo by Thomas Miorin