This poem was written by Jeanne d’Orge – the woman that built my home in 1957 for her art studio!   She was a wild woman with a wild spirit!

I can feel her wandering around the Standing Stones sometimes.  Whispering in my dreams, continue on daughter the road is open!

May all be safe and protected from the wild elementals!







Breaking Earth


Earth I come to you.

You the spirit

You the Unknown

You the centered one

Whom they call by name

Oh Great Mother…

The beginning of us all.


Earth I come to you

I call you to come forth

From your deepness

I claim your recognition.

I am to build me a small square house

For work…for praise…

For mirth and a resting place

And for this I ask protection.


I pray you

Let the powers, your forces

Your fierce elementals

Your fires and winds and waters,

Your lightning and thunderbolts

Your cloudbursts and your earthquakes

Let them pass me by…

Turn their heads the other way….

Deal Gently with my small square house

And the land surrounding it.


And for these neighbors buildings

On this square of land

Encircled by the hills

For these too I ask your recognition

Your blessing and protection…

And for all beasts and birds and insects

Together with all humans on this place,

That we may be companioned by your wisdom

And your beauty and your love

So….again I press my spade into your soil…

Again…I claim your recogntion


June 8th, 1957

Painting by Jeanne d’Orge