Old Ones  – You have called, we are listening.  Willing to enter into the Great Mystery of The Ancient Feminine!   I know that you know why you have called us together, this sacred configuration of wise woman, witches, healers, and shamans.


Offerings have been made today:  honey to bring the sweetness of life, fertile eggs to cleanse the path so that we can embark upon this sacred pilgrimage, spirits to awaken the ancestors to remember what has been forgotten, to return to our own deep indigenous soul!   Today, we embark upon the great mystery of the ancient feminine, to place our ear upon the Mother Earth, to listen to the wisdom that dances in the wind, that swims at the bottom of the great seas, to wrap our arms around the ancient redwoods, sequoias, to become one with all of creation!  To enter into the mysteries of the caves, the images that dance on the cave walls, to look to the heavens, to witness new constellations being born.    We are up to something GRAND here old ones, we know  the more we let go, to become the hollow bone, to allow your wisdom to sing through our bones,  to penetrate our hearts, it will bring us deeper into our heart’s longings.  To remember the promise we made before we were born!  Welcome Sisters to Handprints on the Cave Walls! 




The first task:    Find your bell & rattle!   Listen to the sound, make sure this sound penetrates your soul, your bones!   Awakens something primal! 


My Religion 

My religion is going to have a big Goddess, with juicy hips. She’s going to be as big as the Earth, and be the Earth and be bigger than the stars.
We will believe in the love between mother and child, and worship creation.
We will meditate, but only in comfortable ways, and we’ll stretch together.
We will have a practice of dancing, where we dance joy into being.
Pure giggling will b
e our home state; we will work to reveal our true natures of amused contentment.
We will sing Girl Scout songs and Indigo Girls and worship the holy roasted marshmallow.
We will believe in ghosts and worship our ancestors. We will find our roots in the trees, and in every lineage – physical/DNA and invented via any sort of new creation – family trees grafted together.
We will heal old wounds and be present to each other’s suffering.
We will honor our own bodies first, and be guided by our dreams.
In my religion, people will believe things that are true and trust in mystical unknowns larger than a star’s lifespan.
In my religion, we will write the texts and study them, and burn them as an offering to the unknown.
We will reach back to processes forgotten and hurtle forward with our exuberance.
The crow caws, and the birds will lead us in our flights to the heavens.
We will not be afraid, we will come together in blankets of healing and peace, and hold all-night vigils.
We will honor silence, and hold the crumbling Earth in our hands.
We will recreate creation in our gardens, and our bodies, and our communities. We will speak one language and many.
In my religion, we will feel free and connected and unafraid.

by Rebecca H. Jones