Ashes to  Ashes Dust to Dust – there is no getting over getting on moving ahead when you are standing in the ashes of your life.    There is no  we are going to rebuild when you have yet to howl and grieve what has been lost.   We must stand in the ashes for as long as it takes to feel the utter destruction and devastation of the elementals.  Take the ash rub it all over your body, feel the soft white memories of your child’s first baby blanket, see the remains of your ancestors photos laying in the charcoal, sit upon the coiled springs of your favorite chair and watch the wind flip through the pages of your favorite book.  Death is sitting with us now.  Greet death and say you have broken me ope!   I do not know how to carry on!    Let your tears mix with the white ash, draw lines of sorrow up and down your face.   Go numb it is o.k. it is o.k. not to feel, it is o.k. to be frozen, it is o.k. to not know where to go and what to do, it is o.k. to fall apart to fall down to roll upon the charred earth and scream mama mama mama!