Standing Stones Sanctuary Presents:


Shamanic Ritual
November 3, 2013 4:00 p.m.
Ritual begins at 4:30




Please join us for a mythic pilgrimage into the ancestral bone yard of memory. We will excavate the forgotten stories of our ancestors through shamanic methods, storytelling, and rituals to honor the dead.

Indigenous cultures knew that our ancestors were a source of immense wisdom and were available from the other world to guide and protect their descendants. In our contemporary times, many of us have forgotten the importance of honoring our lineage or continue to carry unresolved issues from ancestors.

When we began to excavate these memories, many times we will find our deepest purpose and meaning for living through honoring the ancestors. As we uncover and discover the sacred stories of our ancestors, we can begin to reclaim our own ancient indigenous wisdom. In this reclamation, will can bring forth our sacred soul medicine to contribute to the well-being of ourselves, our families, our community and to bless the world at large.

Please bring photographs or sacred objects that represent your ancestors!

Potluck – Bring a dish that represents your ancestors!

Reda Rackley, M.A., is a cultural mythologist, author, educator, storyteller, expressive artist and shamanic counselor. She lectures and facilitates women’s retreats bridging mythology, depth psychology, and spirituality. Reda was initiated into the indigenous medicine of the Dagara tribe in Burkina Faso, West Africa and teaches ancient shamanic traditions through storytelling, ritual, art and divination. Published selections are included in The Circle Continues Women Respond to the Circle of Stones, Judith Duerk, ed. Kiss me Goodnight, Stories and Poems by Women Who Were Girls When their Mothers Died, Ann O’Fallon & Margaret Vaillancourt, eds, The Anthology of Monterey Bay Poets, Ryan Masters, ed & . Reda’s C.D. “Mud, Blood, and Blackberries: Fictional Memoirs.”

“A story waitin’ to be born, buried so deep inside that it takes years, sometimes generations, for the story to claw its way out of darkness. This story got lost in the veins of your grandpa and trapped in the bones of your great grandmother. Abandoned and forgotten, the silent story shakes and rattles the very core of your soul. Until one day, the ancestor winds howl and moan through the ancient caves of your memory. You, the Chosen One, become the holy vessel of remembrance…you weep, you dance, you write, you howl, you sing, you paint the story that has never been told!  Reda Rackley 

PARKING – PLEASE PARK ON THE ROAD – Please Do not park to the left of the driveway – Private property !  Please bring a flashlight!