The Ancient Art of Bone Stone & Cowrie Shell Divination


“Throughout history, peoples everywhere have sought the intervention of divine powers to understand their fate, to communicate with ancestors, spirits, gods in order to obtain insight into human quandaries.  The term “divination” describes efforts to foretell future events or to discover hidden knowledge by supernatural means.”

~ A. LaGamma

The year is 2000, I had the great honor of attending a year long training with Dr. Malidoma Some, an African elder/shaman.  Dr. Some has blessed my life in so many ways.   The second year, I became one his assistants, the 3rd year I co-taught with Malidoma and two other medicine teachers.   After the 3rd year, it was divined I would make the journey to Africa to begin my initiation as a Kontomble Voice Diviner.   A year later, I traveled back to Africa to go through a rigorous, intensive initiation as a Kontomble Voice Diviner.   Kontombles are nature spirit beings that are here to assist humans to come back home to our deepest soul’s calling so we can co-create healing for ourselves, our families, and for our mama earth.   I enter into deep trance through the shaking of my Kontomble bell and rattle, becoming a hollow bone for the other world to speak through me.   I was also trained by Malidoma to throw the bones, stones, & cowrie shells, another form of divination!

Divination is a form of deep consultation with the “other world.”  It is a sacred container of addressing questions of relationship, health, purpose and unresolved issues in one’s life.  Many times family members/ancestors that have crossed to the other side will reveal themselves through the voice of the ANCIENT ANCESTORS and will have messages for the person receiving the divination.

The beauty of the ancient art of Divination is that you not only receive messages from the Other World, but specific rituals will be prescribed that will bring you in alignment with all the unseen forces.  The ritual container becomes the sacred, alchemical grounds in which the prayers for what you are seeking can be heard.

The Ancient Ones are here to assist us in our troubled times.  They wish for us to know they are here to guide, protect and help us find a way back to our own indigenous knowing!  The Mother Earth is calling her children to listen to the ancient nature spirits and the ancestors!  I am a portal to allow this wisdom to pour through!


  Details & Instructions


In Person Divination

To schedule a divination & ritual at Standing Stones Sanctuary in Carmel Valley, CA please email me at

  • Date & Time: To be arranged with you
  • Location: 65 Middle Canyon Road, Carmel Valley, Ca.   93924
  • Divination Fee: $150 – 300 depending on time spent in ritual space –  via PayPal –

Video Divination

On the day of your scheduled online video divination, please enter into a silent, meditative space.  I ask that you invoke your ancestors, spirit guides, or holy beings to enter into this quiet space with you.  I will record the call for you and send you a link to the recorded file when we are finished.   I also ask that you give yourself some time after the session to journal, reflect, or go for a walk in nature.  It has been my experience that people receiving the divination via the telephone or video have been impacted by the information coming through just as much as if I am there in person.  I look forward to our sacred time together.

  • Date & Time: To be arranged with you
  • Location: We will meet online using the Zoom video service. (See technical information below)
  • Divination Fee: $150 – 300 depending on time in ritual space via PayPal or Credit Card using the PayPal button below

Technical Information…

Zoom is an online video conferencing service that is perfect creating simple online meetings. You will need to sign up at before our meeting. I will email you the date, time, and conference login information before our time together. Please check the help section for details about setting up your computer to work with the service.

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