Standing Stones Sanctuary

In the summer of 2013 – I had a dream that 12 stones would be placed on my land, with a 13th stone in the center!  The stones spoke in my dream and said, “We will tell the stories that have been forgotten.”   The next day I was walking by the ocean and I had a chance encounter with a dear friend, a soul seeker & an our architect.  I shared the dream with Dave and he said, “That’s interesting, I just completed a job in Carmel Valley, I have  these extra boulders I cannot use for the project, would you like to have this truck load of stones?” He said that were brought from the fields of farmers near Sequouia National Park! And so thus, Standing Stones Sanctuary was born!   Since this summer, I have done many rituals in the circle of stones!


Ancestor Ritual



I also facilitate private rituals in the circle of stones for women on the healing journey!   Be it the reclamation of your sacred body, longing for a child, releasing an abusive relationship, divorce, honoring the birth of a child, honoring the loss of child.   There are many ways to come home to your soul through the circle of stones!